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may I take yours? may I take yours?

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Sort of scrappy

I don't feel any particular styles being used in your piece. The background, his body, and his speech bubble (and text) are pretty solid lines, but then his face is all sketchy. The person isn't colored in contrast to the background, and I'm not so sure (perhaps this is a lacking on my part) about what his "question of etiquette" means.
As a whole, it seems sort of random and all over the place. I'd advise choosing a style, in this case either sketchy or solid lines, and implement it. If you wish, it could be a combination, but for example, people will always be sketchy, and background will always be solid, etc.
Perhaps the text was meant to look warped, but in doing so, it also sort of looks out of place. I'm not sure about that background either... In reference to the stripes of color which are in no particular rational order... I thin kthe brown things are mountains though.
It's ok... Needs a bit of work though =)

Silent-G responds:

nothing is ever in any particular rational order. thanks for the review.

Rock On! Rock On!

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Ooh, Art portal...

Was looking around and wondered what this art portal was... I clicked "Art", clicked around the links (in the event that i wanted to post some random sketch of my own) and BAM, I saw a thumbnail of a pyro.
Naturally i had to click it.

I think it's an awesome picture, with a fitting background. However, (despite me being no artist) I think it might be just a bit too sketchy, although I'm sure sketchiness was intentional, for example on his right hand, the sketchiness on his finger makes it a tad messy.
Really, there's nothing else to comment on. Nice pyro- do you plan to draw the other classes? =)

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